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UKTIN Announces Chairs for Expert Working Groups

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  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 21 Mar 2023
  • Last modified 21 Mar 2023
First Chairs confirmed for UKTIN Expert Working Groups (formerly known as Special Interest Groups)

Following an open recruitment process, we are delighted to announce today our first set of Chairs for our Expert Working Groups.  Previously known as Special Interest Groups, the groups have been renamed to reflect the vital work they will perform identifying the challenges, gaps and opportunities in the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem.

Our Chairs have been selected for their subject matter experience and expertise, as well as their track records of strategic leadership and we are delighted to be working with each of them.  Please join us therefore in welcoming:

Dave Happy

Dave Happy: Independent Consultant - Chair of the Security Working Group

Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett: CEO Freshwave - Chair of the Network Management Group

Neil McRae

Neil McRae: Chief Architect, BT - Chair of the Core Networking Technologies Group

Yue Wang

Yue Wang: Head of 6G Research, Samsung - Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Group

Simon Saunders

Simon Saunders: Independent Advisor - Chair of the Wireless Networking Technologies Group

Barry Evans

Barry Evans: Professor of Satellite Communications, Institute for Communications Research (ICS) and 6GIC at the University of Surrey - Chair of the Non-Terrestrial Networking Group

Chairs for the Optical Communcations & Photonics, and the Materials & Components groups, will be announced soon.

There will be a chance to hear from the Chairs at the UKTIN launch event next month, register today to confirm your space.

With Chairs now in place for the majority of our groups, recruitment for members will now commence. Watch out for announcements on that over the coming days.