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Exploring the cross-sector parallels shaping the future of 5G

    Report added by UKTIN on 30 Sep 2022
A summary of key insights coming out of a recent UK5G Barrier Busting Round table

5G leaders from across manufacturing, transport & logistics, health & social care, and creative industries, came together in August 2022, to discuss the future of 5G in the UK.

UK5G’s Barrier Busting Roundtable Event in London gave the chance to share ideas, insights, and experiences from these different sectors.

By better understanding the barriers to 5G adoption, we can work out how everything from communications campaigns and process changes to government policy could further support the 5G rollout across the country.

What became immediately clear is that one challenge or solution from one sector, could act as a lesson learned or benefit for another.

This industry paper identifies three lessons from these 5G cross-sector parallels.