A Report from West Mercia 5G

The following information is the High Level Summary Report (October 2022) on the outcomes and findings from the West Mercia Rural 5G Project.

“West Mercia Rural 5G set out to explore how 5G infrastructure might be delivered differently in rural areas and how the NHS, local councils and businesses could harness the benefits of 5G to help improve services and better manage demand in rural communities. The project has unearthed some interesting challenges and real opportunities for service provision and digital transformation, whilst operating in extraordinary conditions.”

Mark Stansfeld,
Chair of West Mercia Rural 5G project

“The West Mercia Rural 5G project has opened eyes and changed attitudes and emphatically proven the worth of digital connectivity, particularly in the face of challenges such as on-going infection risk, continuation of and increased demand on services. Our project provides a catalyst to support improved mobile coverage in rural areas and begins to identify the art of the possible for mobile solutions to assist in the levelling up agenda, to support the delivery of health, social care and a range of other public and private services in rural areas.”

Mike Emery,
Director of Data, Digital and Technology for Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board