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Manufacturing: An Introductory Guide to 5G & Security

    Guide added by UKTIN on 19 Aug 2022
A guide exploring 5G's security credentials, its ability to support zero trust models and the interplay between security and safety.

Network security is of the utmost importance for manufacturers. But as the world goes digital by way of open platforms and mobile networks, the industry understandably has its concerns. 5G, however, has security and resilience as part of its standards. AI and automated security tools can also be layered over the top for greatly enhanced security.

Manufacturers can therefore migrate to wireless connectivity with confidence. Connecting everything from enterprises, smart factories and critical public safety infrastructures, a 5G network guarantees communication service providers the ability to serve these use cases with
secure and resilient connectivity alongside increased agility and flexibility.

This guide has been designed to explain how to outline 5G’s security credentials —identifying the latest insights, the importance of authentication and introducing the zero trust model.