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Straightforward Guide to 5G | Creative Industries

    Guide added by UK5G on 1 Jun 2022
In 2019, the creative industries contributed £115.9bn of value to the UK economy: that’s greater than the automotive, aerospace, life sciences and oil and gas industries combined.

But the sector is facing mounting pressure amid ever-shrinking budgets and an increase in expectations—audience demands have evolved and more sustainable ways of working are now required.

5G could play an important role in tackling these challenges. By 2025, 57% of global wireless media revenues will be generated using 5G networks, with Intel’s 5G Economics of Entertainment report forecasting that 5G could bring $1.3trillion in new revenues for the media and entertainment industry by 2028​.

This guide has been designed to demystify 5G, helping organisations understand exactly what 5G is, what it does and why it’s important.

We’ve tried to keep it as jargon-free as possible but if you find yourself confused, we’ve included a handy glossary.