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    Newsletter added by UKTIN on 18 Nov 2020
This month, we hear from Antonella Faniuolo, Vodafone UK Head of Network Strategy and Digital Transformation, and member of our Advisory Board.

Antonella - Vodafone

The future is somewhere wedged between 5G and digital

Change has always been on the horizon for the telecom industry, but now comes the time when we have to change. With the deployment of 5G underway, and digital fundamentals such as cloud becoming mainstream, attention must shift to how we do business in these new dynamics. For telecoms operators, this involves changing our mind-set and growing our skill-set; the evolution of the network is not just about faster download speeds, but opening up our assets to create something new.

The future is not about 5G alone, as many seem to believe, neither it is driven solely by digital, as others would champion. It is the intersection between the two: the marriage of telecoms and technology, which creates a new type of dynamics.

This is Vodafone’s long-term ambition – to evolve with the expectations of the market, bringing new skills and operating models into our business. Connectivity will remain at the core of Vodafone, but we want to co-create with hyperscalers, empower the developer community to innovate, and build bridges to encourage collaboration. This new dynamic is evident with the number of Mobile Private Networks we’ve announced in recent months; the vision of partnership with the verticals is coming to life and it won’t be long before this intersection of 5G and digital is commonplace.

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