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WM5G: Mast-as-a-Sensor Case Study

    Case Study added by West Midlands 5G on 15 Dec 2020

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) partnered with Ericsson due to its 144-year history in delivering access to communications. With over 24,000 people employed across the Stockholm-based company’s R&D team, WM5G knew that Ericsson would be able to help it realise its vision for current and next generation cellular networks to provide privacy-enabled transport insights.

The trial was conducted across live 4G and 5G networks in Kings Heath, Birmingham to provide a proof of concept. With 2 billion cars expected on our roads by 2035, intelligent transportation systems will prove critical to reducing emissions and economic costs in future.

West Midlands 5G - Mast as a sensor