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  • Smart antennas: creating fast 5G connections with databeams

  • UK5G Presents Creative Industries Panel Discussion

  • 5G-ACIA Web Seminar: 5G Services Operated by Industrial Applications

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    Fireside Chat: Transforming Healthcare with 5G

  • UK5G

    Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) Briefing Event

  • UK5G

    The Future of UK Manufacturing and Supply Chain Infrastructure

  • UK5G

    Can 5G help defuse the UK’s Health and Social Care Time Bomb?

  • West Midlands 5G - 5G in 5 Days Summary

  • Use Case Trials

    Innovation Notts - Inspiring Innovation

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  • Use Case Trials

    5G RuralDorset: End User Testimonials

  • Mischa Dohler on computer-brain interfaces and transmitting senses

  • Use Case Trials

    West Midlands 5G - West Midlands Metro 5G Transport Showcase

  • Women in Telecoms & Technology 5G - Why Is It different?

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    5G Virtual Reality | Coventry University | Vodafone UK

  • Industry

    Vodafone UK launches the UK’s first 5G standalone network | Vodafone Business UK

  • Use Case Trials

    MANY Community engagement video: Sam Lambert

  • Coventry University and Vodafone 5G network

  • Use Case Trials

    Mobile Access North Yorkshire: Cllr Karin Sedgwick, NYCC Middle Dales Division

  • BT's The Future is Now: The power of innovative tech

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    The 700 MHz Clearance Programme: how it happened