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Blu Wireless

Blu Wireless is disrupting the market with mmWave wireless solutions of fibre-level performance that guarantee value and reliability. Based in Bristol, Blu Wireless are a mmWave wireless technology company developing and delivering silicon IP and SoC design services, as well as sophisticated end products to a number of specialist markets (track-to-train backhaul, public safety and perimeter security). Already a trusted partner of the world's biggest names in telecoms and transport, our technology delivers continuous, multi-gigabit connectivity to vehicles on the move and for 5G infrastructure. The company is 10 years old with a team of 90 including DSP, silicon design, protocol and networking software, system integration and customer project engineering.

Our mmWave point-to-multipoint evaluation kits and rail-qualified production units allow us to deliver to trialists easy-to-install, alignment-free gigabit communications to fast-moving vehicles, 5G small cells or directly to buildings over ranges of hundreds of metres. As all of the IP, the core silicon, software and hardware design is performed in house, for the right size of opprtunities we can customise features and functionality for the pruposes of the trial - so using the product as a platform for innovation.
Track record
We deliver solutions architected for a demanding carrier grade ecosystem including sophisticated features that mitigate against reliability issues. Exploiting the benefits of our HYDRA baseband technology, and strong partnerships with leading international companies, we been successfully delivered our technology to the V2I project at Millbrook (Autoair) and to a health and social care project in Liverpool (Liverpool 5G) showcasing the network demands of tomorrow ready for deployment today. We are now enjoying commercial success in rail transport and other challenging connectivity applications.
Terms of service
We are interested in commercial discussions around our technology and products where this engagement fits with, and accelerates, our objectives in markets for mmWave communication.
Service information
Supplier of SDN/cloudRAN solutions
RAN - other
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software/including radio transmission services
Transport Links - Microwave backhaul
Microwave transport network equipment supplier; Microwave transport network infrastructure provider.
Satellite, High-Altitude Platforms
Supplier of Satellite, High-Altitude Platform solutions
Security Gateway/Certification Authority server/Firewalls
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of network security: hardware/software/applications.
Network management - systems
Provision of MNO/Private network management tools and services.
Components and IP
Electronics components and chip design relevant to telecoms.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology
Automotive, Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail and Ports)
Smart communities, public services