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Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is the UK's leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. We drive early adoption, making UK businesses more competitive and productive, to help grow the UK economy. We bring together technology expertise and innovation services in specific technology areas (5G, IoT, AI, Immersive and DLT) with applications in the Creative and Manufacturing industry sectors. The mission is to work with innovative SMEs to address big challenges in these industrial sectors, and it runs deep technology innovation programmes across all technology areas, with an excellent track record in working in all of them, and with a reach out to thousands of innovative startups and scaleups in the UK.

Digital Catapult has an extensive 5G Programme. It has built and operates one of the most advanced 5G testbeds in the UK, with 5G NSA, MEC and SDN capabilities, with several commercial-grade and R&D cores. It offers a unique 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme for getting SMEs engaged with advanced 5G features. It undertakes commercial business model work and thought leadership analysis, like with the 5G Nation (2018) and Made in 5G (2019) reports.

1. A geographically distributed 5G NSA/LTE/WiFi testbed (3 locations in London and Brighton), aggregate indoor area of 2,000m2, with Ofcom innovation spectrum licences in LTE and 5G pilot bands (20/15MHz LTE, and also in 3.4-3.6GHz). 2. Commercial-grade and R&D mobile cores, MEC compute and SDN infrastructure (1000+ core compute infrastructure, 20 SDN-enabled switches), fully virtualised. 3. Fully virtualised infrastructure using OpenStack with OpenSourceMANO; interdomain netowrk and service orchestration. 4. 5GUK Exchange island capability (connection to 5G University Test Network and 5GUK exchange) 5. Track-record expertise to design, procure, install, commission and operate 5G infrastructure. 6. Fully functional eMBB, NB-IoT and LTE-M testbed services. 7. Access to dedicated mobile systems and application integration expertise for different application domains.
Track record
1. 5G Brighton is a £1.5M project, funded to the tune of £1.2M by C2C LEP, to build and operate a 5G facility in Brighton, and develop and run a dedicated 5G innovation programme (2017 - ...) 2. DCMS 5GTT Phase 1 5G Smart Tourism project (2018 - 2019) 3. Interdomain orchestration demonstration "Orchestrating the Orchestra" (March 2019) and 5G Music Lesson with Jamie Cullum (June 2019) 4. UK Internet Experimentation Testbed: EPSRC INITIATE project (2017-2021) 5. Industrial 5G Accelerator with Ericsson (2019-2020) 6. 5GPPP H2020 5G-VICTORI project; leading the technical work on developing and demonstrating interdomain orchestrators.
Terms of service
Digital Catapult will seek to become a partner in the 5G CREATE consortia, offering as a partner the full range of services for collaboration: including technically supported use of the DC 5G Testbed for e2e testing and experimentation, R&D in interdomain network and service orchestration and virtualisation, application onboarding, SME innovation engagement management, and business model development.
Service information
Plug-and-play ready-made 5G testbed accessible via APIs from anywhere, adaptable to multiple use cases.
System integration capability - Private Networks
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: integration with private networks.
Project management capability
Ability to manage complex innovation project management aspects of network deployment.
Spectrum Services
Operator or Supplier/Advisor able to make Radio Spectrum available to trials.
Private Network Core Network - Standalone
Private Core network supplier: hardware/software/SDN/Mobile Edge Computing.
Private Network Core Network - non-standalone
Private Core network supplier: hardware/software/SDN/Mobile Edge Computing.
Data/Data Exchange/ IoT platform
Interconnect data repositories to allow 3rd-party users access to application or user data.
Entertainment and Streaming platforms for online delivery
Streaming platforms for gaming, broadcasting or collaborative working.
Neutral Host - Network Consultancy
System design, integration, management consultancy services.
Network management - systems
Provision of MNO/Private network management tools and services.
Network management - operations, monitoring and management
Operation of network management tools and monitoring services.
Network test equipment
Drive-test/walk-test/network test tools and services.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology
Creative and media
Smart communities, public services